Updated Builds

The SW and the GWF builds are updated. Check it out! =)


Weekly Guild Events

Since not that many guildmembers join our dragon flight events in the last times and the focus on dragon flight armor decreased with the new modul, we decided to rearrange our weekly scedule:

- Monday 8pm (CEST):
DF will be replaced by another guild activity that is the most usefull atm (this can be organised by guildleaders/officers or discussed when we group up in the castle). For example: farming influence and other treasures for our stronghold together, doing equipment runs for low geared members, pvp duels in iwd, edemo runs, and so on, feel free to tell us if you have another idea of activities for Monday.

- Wednesday 8 pm (CEST) :
Dragon flight in stronghold as always, IF we are at least 15 people from the guild who join! Otherwise we do it as on Monday: farming or whatever we need atm.

- On Weekends:
Spontaneous Tiamat runs, DRs in well of dragons and whatever we are in the mood/in need for… ^^


New Video on Youtube

There's a new video on our Youtube-Channel. Check it out direkt here on the page or on youtube!


One Year Reborn Immortals

For this reason we would like to make a small gift to all guildmembers. Ask one of the guildleaders for Strongbox Keys and you’ll get as many as your guildrank. (only one time for an account and not for every char, sorry guys^^ =)


Thx a lot for all your support and for the good times we had in our first Reborn Immortals year! Special thx to our guildofficers!



Fix Dragon Runs in Strongholds

We, the guildleaders, have made some rethinking about our dragon flight scedule in stronghold. Since the alliance offers many more possibilities to participate in a DF (on another stronghold map) and the organisation of the runs is much more time-consuming than before, we decided that we reduce our dragon runs to two fixed events: the one an Wednesday at 08.00 pm (CEST) and the one on Monday at 07.30 pm (CEST). We will therefor take our time to organize the run and make 2-3 runs (depending on available bells and members who join). On Monday its important that everyone is in stronghold at least 15 minutes earlier because the organisation takes some time, so we can start with the free dragon flight at 07.30 pm and save a bell.

Spontaneous dragon runs, when the event is on every two hours, can of course still be organised.

Watch the alliance chat for dragon runs in other guilds stronghold if you wanna join them.