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Two Years Reborn Immortals

Dear Reborn Immortals


Two years ago we founded Reborn Immortals. We are proud that our guild is still active and we have grown and improved remarkably!  


First we guild leaders want to set our thanks to all guild members. You have done a great job and it is a pleasure with you to challenge the future together. Special thanks go to our longtime members and to our guild officers for always supporting us and contributing a lot to our community.


In this sense, we are looking forward to more good years as Reborn Immortals, successful dungeon runs and fun events with all of you!

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General Guild infos

New Members:
A big welcome to all our new members! Its nice to have you here and go together in a good feature! If you have any questions feel free to ask in guild chat! We have a very well informed guild and we like to share our knowhow.. so don’t be shy!

Stronghold Buildings:
We have upgraded almost all buildings to go forward with Guildhall rank 16. At this place thx a lot for your support. We grow fast and that’s cool! So for the guild hall we need lot of ressources. Try to farm every day the HE on Stronghold map for influence. We know that its hard to spend gems but we need a lot of for Guild hall so if you can spend some, pls do =)

Upcoming Events
There are some nice upcoming Events in next weeks so be prepared to farm and troll around:
1.    2x Influence 16. March – 20. March
2.    Guild Mark Costs Discount 16. March – 20. March
3.    2x Seals 23. March  - 27. March
4.    2x refining Points 13. April – 17. April

We are interested about your opinion in the guild. Pls answer me your feedback about the guild. Are there problems? Can we do something better? What do you think about the bank system? Is Monday the right day for a guildevent? What do you think about the website? Remember we are a casual playing guild and the main goal is to have fun together.


Voucher Event @ Reborn Immortals

We know that the event “Siege of Neverwinter” is ideal to farm vouchers that we need for our stronghold! So it’s a perfect event and chance for our guild!


Please collect the vouchers and DO NOT donate them until the 02. February 2017. The donation needs then to be arranged with a guild leader!

What can you get out of this?

500 vouchers donated  =   1 x greater mark of potency
1000 vouchers donated = 1 x superior mark of potency

Furthermore, there will be again a ranking of the top donaters!
The top 3 donaters can choose 1 item out of the guild bank. It does not matter what item it is!

Rewards can only be obtained once per account


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our Reborn-Members! =)

We hope to see you soon in 2017!