Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our Reborn-Members! =)

We hope to see you soon in 2017!


Influence Contest finished

Hi guys

Thanks all for joining the influence farm event last week, was a lot influence we got yesterday: stable is now upgraded to lvl 6 --> 4800 defense, 4000 armorpen and 7% mount speed bonus :). We have also upgraded the Marketplace and the Quarry.

Winner of the contest are:
1.    @babyblue10:  7600 influence
2.    @destroyerfever: 7200 influence
3.    @warlord: 6130 influence

Gmops (and smop for the winners) are send via mail to your chars.

Hope it helps you for the double refining event next weekend!

Greetings and cya!


Influence contest

1.     Farm influence with your chars, but don’t donate them already, stack it in your inventory until Sunday: for each 2000 influence donated on sunday you will get 1 greater mark of potency. Each char counts separately on this part of the event, so lets say you have two chars you can get 2x greater marks if you collected at least 2000 with each.

2.     In the second part of the event we look at the influence you gathered counting your whole account: Get the maximum of influence out of all your chars and the three accounts that collected the most influence will get a superior mark of potency each.

Evaluation of the event and contest will be made on Sunday 4th October between 6pm and 10pm (CEST). One of us guildleaders will be at the coffer in our stronghold. You pm us when you are about to donate and how much you will donate (so we can make the ranking list) one by one. Then you get your greater mark of potency and after the evaluation is done we will communicate the three winners of superior marks of potency.

So let the farming begin ;) I hope this is gonna be a good event for you and our stronghold, if so we might repeat this contest another time again.


Updated Builds

The SW and the GWF builds are updated. Check it out! =)


Weekly Guild Events

Since not that many guildmembers join our dragon flight events in the last times and the focus on dragon flight armor decreased with the new modul, we decided to rearrange our weekly scedule:

- Monday 8pm (CEST):
DF will be replaced by another guild activity that is the most usefull atm (this can be organised by guildleaders/officers or discussed when we group up in the castle). For example: farming influence and other treasures for our stronghold together, doing equipment runs for low geared members, pvp duels in iwd, edemo runs, and so on, feel free to tell us if you have another idea of activities for Monday.

- Wednesday 8 pm (CEST) :
Dragon flight in stronghold as always, IF we are at least 15 people from the guild who join! Otherwise we do it as on Monday: farming or whatever we need atm.

- On Weekends:
Spontaneous Tiamat runs, DRs in well of dragons and whatever we are in the mood/in need for… ^^